The Medical Negligence.. An Extrajudicial Execution

Mr President,

The Khyam Center and the International Organization for Solidarity with Prisoners, “TADAMON”, consider the seriousness of the medical negligence policy within the Occupation’s prisons, as one of the lethal weapons, slowly killing prisoners, leaving them victims of ravaging diseases, and that’s an extrajudicial execution.

While the Occupation tries to show that the medical negligence policy, used against prisoners, happens with individual and exceptional cases, the reality tells a different story amid the perpetrated crimes in the Occupation’s prisons, which blatantly confirm that this is a policy of collective health punishment, and that the negligence, along with the procrastination in providing healthcare, are done under a systematic and deliberate policy, and express the racist mindset governing the prisons.

With the persistence of the medical negligence policy, new prisoners are continuously joining the list of patients in the Occupation’s prisons, particularly with the lack of specialized medical personnel, giving that the doctors in the prisons are general practitioners, and noting that some prisons have no doctors at all. Therefore, prisoners are obliged to wait for too long before seeing a specialist, and that’s what spreads the disease in their bodies, making it hard to heal afterwards, putting their life at a high risk.

During the last few months, the number of prisoners suffering from serious diseases, such as advanced cancer, heart attacks and many more, has increased due to the lack of examination, and the disregard for their lives by not undergoing necessary surgeries or medical tests for them.

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The Medical Negligence…. An Extrajudicial Execution


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