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A Semi-Annual Report for 2020

Summary of the Report about the situation of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation persons.

– A Semi-Annual Report for 2020 –

The Israeli Occupation Arrests 2250 Palestinian During the First Half of the Year

A Report issued by the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies

Download A Semi-Annual Report for 2020 as Pdf file : A Semi Anuual Report

The occupation authorities use the policy of detention as a means of collective punishment against the Palestinian people, and the process of «human depletion of its energies. Therefore, the occupation continued the arrests in these exceptional circumstances under the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the real danger to the lives of the detainees, where the number of citizens detained during the first six months of this year reached (2250).

Jerusalem maintained the highest share in the number of detainees, as it reached (1050) cases of detention, targeting all groups including Islamic and national leaders, including the head of the Supreme Islamic Authority and the imam of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh «Ikrima Sabri», in addition to issuing 235 orders of expulsion, most of them from the mosque.

Whilst the city of Hebron held the second rank with cases of detention reaching about (350) cases, and from the Gaza Strip, (42) cases of detention were observed, whether through the Beit Hanoun checkpoint, from fishermen, or near the eastern border.

The arrests targeted (12) journalists and media operators, and (12) elderly people, in addition to the arrest of (35) patients and people with special needs, and two deputies in the Legislative Council. Cases of arrests as a result of writing on Facebook also reached (58) cases. The Occupation forces also rearrested hundreds of ex-prisoners.

Amongst the detainees were (350) children under the age of eighteen, of whom (22) are under the age of 12, some of whom are only 10 years old, and other children who have been arrested after they were wounded after being shot, and taken in difficult circumstances to hospitals, With the imposition of financial fines on children in the Ofer court to the value of (150 thousand shekels), equivalent to (45 thousand dollars).

The occupation also arrested (69) women and girls amongst them minors, elderly women, women activists and editors. They also included mothers, sisters, wives of prisoners and martyrs, university students, social activists, and workers in charities that care for the sick and disabled.

The Prison Administration also continued to violate the rights of Palestinian female prisoners in Damoun Prison, denying them all the essentials of a simple life, including their right to receive treatment inside the prison and continued to storm their rooms; abuse them and impose multiple penalties against them, and violate their privacy by placing surveillance cameras in the prison yard and corridors.

In June, the Damun Prison Administration isolated two female prisoners, «Fadwa Hamada» and «Jihan Hashima» from Jerusalem, in the cells of the «Jalameh» detention centre in harsh and difficult conditions, on the pretext of violating the prison instructions.

While the occupation authorities escalated the policy of collective punishment against the families of prisoners in prisons, by demolishing their homes, where four houses of prisoners were demolished since the beginning of the year 2020.

The occupation courts also continued to issue administrative orders against the prisoners despite the COVID-19 pandemic ignoring the calls and appeals issued by many international institutions to release the administrative detainees without accusations in light of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, where it issued (557) administrative decisions during the first half of this year.

Arbitrary administrative detention has led many prisoners over the past months to go through individual hunger strikes to obtain their rights to set a limit for their open administrative detention.

As a result of the continuation of the policy of medical negligence, during the first six months, the health of many of the prisoners deteriorated and the condition of some of them reached the maximum risk; some of them suffered heart attacks, and some of them turned out to have deadly cancer without providing real medical care for them, which puts their lives at great risk.

As the number of the martyrs of the captive movement rose to 223 martyrs after the death of «Nour Rashad Al-Barghouti» (23 years), from Ramallah, in the Negev prison, as a result of the delay in his transfer to the hospital for more than half an hour, after he was exposed to a state of fainting after his health deteriorated without adequate treatment by the prison officials.

The state of anxiety and fear hangs over the prisons from the possibility of the COVID-19 virus to reach the prisoners as a result of not implementing all preventive and safety measures to protect the prisoners, especially with the announcement from time to time that there are cases of infection between the prisoners in different prisons.

The occupation exploited that pandemic to impose many harsh measures on the prisoners, including completely stopping the family visits and stopping the visits of lawyers whilst not providing them with a substitute by phone contact and reassurance about their families.

The suspension of visits for months led to a severe shortage of clothes for the prisoners, especially with the arrest of new numbers of citizens, and their lack of provision by the prison administration, as the prisoners were obtaining the clothes through family visits which is the only way to provide clothes.

The occupation also continued during the current year of abuse, repression, and the storming of prisons and departments and targeted particular prisons significantly, as the report monitored (52) storming operations during the first half of the year, during which the prisoners were subjected to many penalties and punitive measures against them and the transfer of some of them to isolation cells.

Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies, July 2020

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