‘Israel’ prevents 4800 prisoners from spending Eid with their families

‘Israel’ prevents 4800 prisoners from spending Eid with their families

Gaza (QNN)- The occupation state continues to hold 4800 Palestinians, including 39 women and 170 children, in its jails, preventing them from spending Eid with their families.

Abdin Naser Farwaneh, an expert in prisoners’ affairs, stated in a new report that nearly 4800 Palestinian prisoners, including elderlies and prisoners with chronic diseases, are being held in Israeli jails. The report mentioned Fuad Shobaki, who is in his 80s and suffers from several diseases, and Muwaffaq Arrouq (75 years old), who suffers from cancer.

Farawneh noted that Israeli authorities also hold 21 Jordanian prisoners.

The prisoners are held in 23 jails under very harsh conditions and they are denied visitations.

The report revealed that 700 prisoners suffer from diseases and need urgent treatment, while 300 of them suffer from dangerous and chronic diseases.

541 of the prisoners had one or more life sentences. Abdullah Barghouthi (48 years old), who was arrested in March 5, 2003, is the longest-serving prisoner with 67 life sentences.

The occupation state also had been holding nearly 51 Palestinians for over 20 years, 26 of them were arrested even before the Oslo Accords in 1993, while 14 of them had been in Israeli jails for over 30 years.

The report added that 223 prisoners were killed in Israeli jails under torture, in direct executions, or due to the Israeli policy of medical negligence.

Meanwhile, Israeli authorities continue to withhold the bodies of five martyrs, who were killed in Israeli jails, including Anees Doleh, who was killed in Askalan jail in 1980.

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