Ashkelon Prison – Asklan

Ashkelon (Askalan) Central Prison & Prison Building

Ashkelon Central Prison :This prison was founded during the British Mandate as a headquarters for British army leaders in Ashkelon and its surrounding areas. It was also used as a royal palace to host official British delegations. Within Ashkelon palace, one branch was designated as an interrogation center to crackdown on revolutionary fighters, after the defeat of 1967 which was met with escalated resistance as part of the national struggle against the occupation as well as a significant increase in the number of prisoners. Ashkelon prison was founded to receive Palestinian prisons beginning from 1970; its opening was one of the bloodiest of its kind, hence its coming to be known as “al-tashreefa”—referring to the prison guards forcing of prisoners to pass in between two lines from the prison gates to the prison cells and rooms while beating them with batons all over their bodies.​
Ashkelon Prison Building: Ashkelon Prison is composed of five sections including an isolation section composed of cells labeled “A, B, C, D, E” situated to the north of other prison sections. There is also a special wing for the Israeli Shabak (security services) for interrogating Palestinian and Arab prisoners. In 1979, the “shame” section was founded to the north west of the prison, wherein prisoners who collaborated with the Shin Bet security services and the prison administration authorities were grouped. ·

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